“The mad King, the bad King, the sad King. Ring-a-ding-ding, all hail the King!” ― Stephen King, Black House

Twenty years after the events of The Talisman, Jack Sawyer has repressed the memories of his adventures in The Territories and his hunt for the Talisman. Jack works as lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department where he is asked to help catch a serial killer called Fisherman. Except, everything is not what it seems. Fisherman is an agent of the Crimson King and his task is to find children who can serve as Breakers.

“What you love, you must love all the harder because someday it will be gone.”
― Stephen King, Black House

Black House is a Stoker Award nominated novel first published in 2001. Talisman is one of my all-time favorite books, its sequel Black House doesn’t come quite as close though it was still highly entertaining book for me. When Stephen King and Peter Straub collaborate, it works. It’s hard to tell who wrote what and who thought of what. Only difference I can tell is that in comparison with other books by Stephen King, there are more fantasy elements.

“The King is in his Tower, eating bread and honey. The Breakers in the basement, making all the money.”
― Stephen King, Black House

“RIGHT HERE AND NOW, as an old friend used to say, we are in the fluid present, where clear-sightedness never guarantees perfect vision.”
― Stephen King, Black House

I like reading dark and edgy books and that’s exactly what Black House delivers. And all the references to other literary works of Stephen King…I love references.  I’d like to give this 5 stars, however it wasn’t as good as Talisman so 4/5 stars.

 You’ll love this if you like horror, mystery, fantasy, suspense, gore, dark humour and weird stuff all mixed together.  I guess you should still read Talisman first. If you have read it, it’s not exactly same.
2. I’d recommend this for the die-hard fans of Stephen King. Or  if you like The Dark Tower series (plenty of links and references). If you’re a ‘casual’ Stephen King (or Peter Straub) reader, or just a fan, this book may disappoint you. Not the best book to start with King or Starub
3. Interesting characters. Alternate worlds.
4. Rambling. Craziness. Messiness. Reminded me of Hearts in Atlantis.
5. Heartwrenching.

“Case closed, game over, zip up your fly.”
― Stephen King, Black House

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