Naughtiest Children From Literature #Infographic

Whom do you dislike the most? :D Can you think of anyone else?

I could add: Draco Malfoy, Violet Beauregarde (or maybe she was just spoiled), Horrid Henry.

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  1. Wonderful list. At first, I thought you just MEANT naughty – to me, that means mischievous. Some of these kids were downright BAD! As you say, pure evil.

    1. English language(s) is confusing me sometimes. I think “Evilest Children From Literature” would have been a better title for this graph :D

      1. Don’t worry! English confuses ME. I mean, to my wife, “naughty” means certain words that I use from time to time.
        BTW did you ever watch the movie of The Bad Seed?

        1. Exactly! :D Poor non native English speakers!
          No I haven’t, haven’t yet read the book either. Based on other kids on this list, it seems very creepy.

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