Shortcut to the East Indies – On Self-Publishing

Guest post by Chauncey Rogers / Happily Blog Tour Thank you Anastasia for hosting a blog tour stop! This post is about Self-Publishing and my experience with it. Hopefully some of you are curious about such things! But first, a history analogy! According to my memory, Christopher Columbus sailed off into the Atlantic looking for a [...]

Finding More Time

One of the most commonly used excuses I hear is "I don't have enough time," or "I'm busy." My goal with this post is to show people that they have a lot more time than they think.

Nothing to Envy

Ordinary lives in North Korea GUEST POST BY UDANTHA We have come across all the ridiculousness going on in North Korea through awesome documentaries such as VICE put through and hype the movie "The Interview" created. But something always made me wonder actually what was going on in the bubble the North Koreans were stuck [...]