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  1. You need to review some Finnish language novels. My oldest granddaughter is teaching herself Finnish, and has already requested a few books written in Finnish. I purchased her Seitsemän veljestä, but would like to get her something else. Thanks.

    1. Oh, interesting! How does she find the Finnish language?
      I’m afraid, I have never been quite fond of Finnish literature and that also reflects in my reviews. What kind of books does your granddaughter like?

      There are good Finnish classics: Rautatie by Juhani Aho and Juha by Juhani Aho. Many of them can be downloaded in electronic form from Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/a#a1773

      Fantasy/Science Fiction: Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi (Troll: A Love Story) by Johanna Sinisalo, Teemestarin tytär (Memory of Water) by Emmi Itäranta (have also reviewed this) Punainen kuin veri by Salla Simmukka (Red as Blood, Snow White trilogy), Syysmaa series by Anu Holopainen,

      Books by Ikka Remes (thrillers for both adults and young adults)
      Books by Sofi Oksanen. She is famous for her book Puhdistus (Purge) but it’s very serious book, it’s about Soviet occupation in Estonia.

      There’s one Finnish book I adore above all. It’s called Sinuhe, egyptiläinen (The Egyptian) by Mika Waltari. It is also one of the most loved books of Finns.

      1. Thanks. I’m going to send her these recommendations and see what she thinks.
        She is doing real good on learning to speak Finnish. But has some trouble understanding actual Finns talking to her. She says that they talk so fast. She has been using YouTube and we bought her a Pimsler Finnish course.
        Last summer We took her and her sister to the Copper Country in upper Michigan, and she was able to try out some of her lessons on Michigan Finnish speakers. She would like to be able to talk and write to someone her age in Finland. She is 15, a freshman in high school. She plays a bassoon in the high school band, and would like to go to Finland.

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