Review Policy

If you’d like me to review your book, please contact me via email:

I’ll be happy and honored that you have contacted me and will try my best to read & review your book if I have enough of hours in the day and if your book seems good.

Print copies & e-copies of the book are both welcome. With e-books, I prefer .epub and .mobi formats. If your book is on NetGalley, great, I’ll be happy to request it from there.

I rate/review books I have read 100% on Goodreads/Amazon, however, I’m more picky about what goes on my blog. I usually take pictures for reviews on my blog and when I have the physical copy of a book, well they are more visually appealing.

Some stats, my blog is not that big but here are some numbers (for you people who like numbers)

Blog Stats: 900+ followers, 1000+ monthly views, 1-2 posts /week (yes I could do better)
@readandsurvive Instagram: 2000+ followers, 100-150 likes/post
@readandsurvive Twitter: 300+ followers
@stasialbean Goodreads: 3000+ ratings, 240+ reviews (I’m working on it)

I read very different kinds of books: biographies, children’s, classics, comics, contemporary, crime, fantasy,  graphic novels,historical fiction, horror, LBGT, manga, memoirs, mystery, non-fiction, paranormal,poetry, psychology, romance, science fiction, self help, suspense, thrillers,young-adult…

 Author interviews, guest posts, blog tours, exclusive cover reveals, you name it are always more than welcome!

Thank you ever so for your interest in my blog! :)

June 16th 2017