Your Guide to Literary Road Trips Across America ~ Infographic

“Road trips are at the heart of American culture. From the pioneers who chased the Gold Rush out west, to college students who trade their academic obligations for the freedom of the summer, thousands of like-minded Americans hit the open road for a similar reason — the adventure.”

Road trip this summer? Here are some great literary ideas

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How Much Would It Cost to Own These Famous Pop Culture Cars in Real Life? ~ Infographic

So…  Batman pays over $60,000 a year JUST in car insurance! Insane, right?

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Origin Of Comic Book Characters – Infographic

“Why so serious?”

Did you know that Batman was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Zorro, and a Leonardo Da Vinci sketch of a bat-winged flying machine?  Or that Joker was inspired by Victor Hugo’s character Gwynplain?

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I think it’s fascinating how very kind Gwynplain inspired the creation of one of the most known villains.

Popular abbreviations in the eyes of book nerds – infographic


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Thoughts? I found this quite funny and it also made me realize that probably not so many know what: TBR, ACR, OTP, HEA mean :D