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2020 Reading Challenges and Charts to Inspire Your Summer Booklist

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Want to read more? Why not make it fun?`Check out these challenges and printables

Book Review – Managing Oneself

Classification of Book Lovers – Infographic…

Which book species are you? I’m definitely: the hoarder (I don’t even know how many books I own…200 + ebooks + my grandmother owned a bookshop once so you can just guess what our house looks like…), chronological reader ,… Continue Reading →

List of reasons for admission into a mental asylum in 1864-1889

“A list purportedly documenting dozens of reasons why people were committed to insane asylums between 1864 and 1889… … list was frequently shared with humorous messages about how common acts such as “novel reading,” “laziness,” or the “overstudy of religion”… Continue Reading →

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