Classification of Book Lovers – Infographic…

Which book species are you?

I’m definitely: the hoarder (I don’t even know how many books I own…200 + ebooks + my grandmother owned a bookshop once so you can just guess what our house looks like…), chronological reader , immersive reader, library lover (could never afford all the books I read), book rescuer, multitasker, omnireader, travelling or commuting reader, sleepy bedtime reader (is this why I suffer of insomnia?? ), cross-under, complicated, show-off…trying not to be.

Happy September!!

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  1. I’m a mixture between the OCD Reader, the Book Preserver and the Book Worshipper! I would never loan my books. I would rather buy somebody a book than loan him mine. My books, even the paperbacks, hold a sentimental value to me.
    I guess I find a bit of myself in the Chronological Reader.

    1. You have (stunning absolutely freaking) gorgeous Folio Society books, don’t you dare loan them!! I have some books I would never loan: first editions, ones with new dust jackets & some that were a gift from my grandmother… however I’ve also lend plenty of my books. I guess if my friends love the book as much as me, or mayhaps even more, then it’s all worth it.

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