Bird Box by Josh Malerman

“In a world where you can’t open your eyes, isn’t a blindfold all you could ever hope for?” ― Josh Malerman, Bird Box Bird Box is a debut novel of Josh Malerman, first published back in 2014. My colleague mentioned this and of course I am reading whatever accidentally or non-accidentally gets mentioned. Bird Box is a... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Post #4: I Now Walk Into The Wild

So another week has passed! How's your week been? I finally got some reading done. This week I read 5 books:  Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges Trilogy #2) by Stephen King: Slow at first and then everything happened at once. Stephen King does not let you down. I'm looking forward to reading the third part of Bill Hodges trilogy. Into the Wild... Continue Reading →

Classification of Book Lovers – Infographic…

Which book species are you?

I’m definitely: the hoarder (I don’t even know how many books I own…200 + ebooks + my grandmother owned a bookshop once so you can just guess what our house looks like…), chronological reader , immersive reader, library lover (could never afford all the books I read), book rescuer, multitasker, omnireader, travelling or commuting reader, sleepy bedtime reader (is this why I suffer of insomnia?? ), cross-under, complicated, show-off…trying not to be.

Happy September!!

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