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16 Bedtime Stories to Inspire Young Girls #infographic

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Reading aloud to your child helps strengthen the parts of their brain that deal with language, reading, logic, and processing images.

20 Quirks & Strange Habits. The Weird Side of Famous Writers

Infographic by Jack Milgram w: CW blog & post url                    t: @Jack__Milgram           f: Jack.Milgram Thank you for sharing Jack! I think this is very helpful graphic for all aspiring authors! :) What… Continue Reading →

The Most Iconic Book Set In Every Country Around The World #Infographic

Graph by GlobalEnglishEditing Via: Where do you live? Do you think the graph is accurate?

Jane Austen Facts and Figures #Infographic

Original graph via:

The ultimate flowchart to find the best summer read #infographic

Very warmly recommend many of these books. Infographic from:

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