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How Coronavirus Affected Reading Habits in 2020 #infographic

How did coronavirus change our attitude towards books? Have we adjusted our reading habits? What books were most popular?  Text and Graph at ebookfriendly How did this year change your reading habits?

16 Bedtime Stories to Inspire Young Girls #infographic

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Reading aloud to your child helps strengthen the parts of their brain that deal with language, reading, logic, and processing images.

20 Quirks & Strange Habits. The Weird Side of Famous Writers

Infographic by Jack Milgram w: CW blog & post url                    t: @Jack__Milgram           f: Jack.Milgram Thank you for sharing Jack! I think this is very helpful graphic for all aspiring authors! :) What… Continue Reading →

The Most Iconic Book Set In Every Country Around The World #Infographic

Graph by GlobalEnglishEditing Via: Where do you live? Do you think the graph is accurate?

Jane Austen Facts and Figures #Infographic

Original graph via:

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