The Most Iconic Book Set In Every Country Around The World #Infographic

Graph by GlobalEnglishEditing

Where do you live? Do you think the graph is accurate?

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  1. I live in Brazil. I had to check what book was this (not because it is unknown, but I didn´t have a clue with the translated title!).

    This book is one of the most important books written in XXth century Brazil. Graciliano Ramos is probably the most important Brazilian writer of the century, but it´s something of a “cult” writer. I understand why it was chosen, but I don´t agree with this choice.

    My vote would be “Don Casmurro”, by Machado de Assis, who is usually acclaimed as the most important brazilian writer of all time. This novel is set in Rio de Janeiro of the XIXth century and has a more universal appeal.

    1. It seems many don’t agree with the book choice of their country. Like I don’t agree with the one they picked for Finland either o.O I see, Don Casmurro sounds interesting. I should read more books from other countries :)

  2. This is very cool. I see that the US selection (where I live) is Tom Sawyer. That seems reasonable to me although I’m sure others might pick something else. Interesting that Thailand’s is The Bridge on the River Kwai. I’ve never read the book but loved the movie, although I always thought it was set in Burma not Thailand. Maybe I’m wrong about that…

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Tom Sawyer seems like a good choice for me :) I haven’t read The Bridge on the River Kwai, however I believe it’s possible that there are errors with this graph.

    2. I understand Tom Sawyer as the USA´s choice. It´s about the inner United States, the pioneer thing, etc. It´s iconical. It was the same with Brazil´s choice.

      The problem for us, citizens of big XXIth centuries cosmopolitan cities is that we don´t relate much with these surroundings.

  3. That’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing! I am not surprised to see the Diary of Anne Franks as the most iconic book set in the Netherlands. I haven’t read the book, but have heard all about her and the war during history lessons. I don’t think I have read any book on this list actually, but it is fun to see which book they listed for which country.

    1. I always tend to forget it was set in the Netherlands. Even if I’ve read it, I connect it with Germany/Austria somehow. Definitely, makes you want to read more books around the world! :)

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