The Madness of Crowds – Thoughts on Chapter 5

I started listening to The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray. Chapter 5 discusses technology. We start with a kicker. Silicon Valley is not neutral. Valley knows what is right and it guides us to think how they know is good.

The chapter discusses machine learning and Google searches. Let me show you or you can follow the steps here and google the results yourself either in English or in your local language. Search for: black men, asian men and white men. This is what I get:

Fun right? Maybe I should have been politically correct and searched for caucasian men. However, is it not weird that the first image is of woman, the second of a black man, Trump, criminal and so on… Let’s google some more. Search for couple, straight couple and queer couple:

I googled for straight couple and we get 2 pictures of lesbian couples.

Something easier.Google for a physicist. And look at the first picture you got. What does your picture look like?

Machine learning factor or perhaps something else entirely? Thoughts?

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