Best Apps for Reading

I read a lot of books on my phone because I have my phone always with me and I have nowhere to store physical books. I have a Sony Reader but I also like reading on my phone. I am using two reading apps at the moment which are very different in nature. I have used eBoox for years now and then more recently I have been reading on Play Books too.

As you can see there are heavy differences in downloads of the apps. eBoox has been downloaded 1M times as opposed to Play Book’s 1B.

Two apps are very similar in basic features. Both apps have both light and dark modes available. I tend to stick with the dark one. Fonts, strings, fields, and the size of the text are very customizable.


Play Books

I like eBoox because it is small, independent and I feel like the developers developed it because they liked reading. Then there is Play Books which obviously has more options. For example, you can buy books from Play Books, whereas you cannot from eBoox. Play Books also offers books both in text and in audio editions. My favorite option is perhaps the dictionary and how the app is connected to Google Translate.

Play Books has guessed my native tongue
eBooks and audio books
Dictionary, google search, google translate

Do you use devices to read? What apps do you use to read?
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