Very Inspiring Blogger Award

On past Sunday I was nominated for Very Inspiring Blogger Award :) I am very excited about this. I was nominated by A Voluptous Mind. Thank you!! :)

Here are the rules of the award:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you
  • List the rules and display the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
  • Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

Seven things about me

1. I love to read and I have read over 1000 books. I like “escapism” whether it’s through books or movies or by listening music :) I think they are best things in life.
2. For few days now I have been listening Celtic music. I discovered Adrian Von Ziegler and now have all his songs in my iPod…maybe this will pass.
3. I hate when people try to put me into some box when they ask what do I read. I read both fiction and non-fiction and fantasy, scifi, YA, children’s books…I don’t think it matters, don’t put me into box genre box :)
4. If there would be a possibility, I would love to meet with Victor Hugo or Guy de Maupassant. Victor Hugo because I love every book he has written (well pretty much) and Maupassant thought like I did in some book. So I think I would like to just ask  him “yo, where did you get this idea from?”
5. I want to be writer in the future, but I find it really hard to get characters out of my head into Word document.
6. I love coffee :3 especially dark roast and Mövenpick is the best but hard to find.
7.  I am  a bit of a nerd. I love Doctor Who, Supernatural and all the similar shows, love to read, I like linguistics, love history and playing video games :D


There are so great bloggers and I would nominate everyone if it was up to me :) I nominate:

1. The Spice of Variety is blog of my friend for many many years now :) She lives in Hong Kong and blogs about various interesting topics.
2. Ewok Life is travel blog my classmate Anne. As you can see, she is passionate about the topic. She gives good tips for traveling and shares her experiences.
3. EdgarAllanPug is blog by my friend Hanna. She blogs about her everyday life, fashion, movies and other things she likes.
4. Adventures In Wonderland- Not just a travel blog… is blog by Alison and Don with absolutely wonderful pictures of their travels :)
5. is blog by Andrew Lockhart. He writes excellent and deep book reviews and he is also writer and publisher.
6. Eye of Lynx is book blog with beautiful reviews, thoughts and quotes about the books.
7. IaminFinland is blog by my classmate Kit. She blogs about her  international experiences. life stories and what she has learned when living in Finland.
8.honyasbookshelf is book blog by Honya :) I like how she doesn’t limit the book reviews just to “books”
9. Alex Raphael is a blog of a bit all. There’s nature, art, photography, literature, television, movies, lifestyle, food… :)
10.Food Dude: Urban Safari is food blog by John where he  shares recipes and tips how to make delicious and healthy food.
11.50 Pound Monkey on My Back… and ass… and  :D Great and inspiring blog and always makes me laugh
12. Dawn of books is fellow book blogger from Finland :) In this blog you can also find great Finnish books to read (if they are translated).
13.Anatomy of Reading and Other Demented Things has book reviews and other also any other topics. Love the name of this blog, haha :D
14.Cracking the Book’s Spine
15.Book Reviews 1966 is very new blog by Jackie Paulson. She writes book reviews and much more :)

13 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Thanks a lot for this award!! :D
    I’m very happy that you like my blog and as you might have seen,the feeling is requited!

    Your random fact reminds me that I should read Maupassant!! And 1000 books,wow! Kudos!

    Here are my 7 facts:

    1.I will be studying Financial Mathematics in less than 2 months and a half at Kent.

    2.After I’ve made my mind which books I’ll buy,I always pick the nicest editions.(When it isn’t already available in Folio)

    3.I have 2 bookcases.They are very tall vertical rectangles with five squares in each and with a mirror in between.I have turned each square into a section: one for children literature,one for Russian literature,one for existentialism,and so on…

    4.I am huge Breaking Bad fan! (Who isn’t?)

    5.I find scrabble and crossword pretty addicting!

    6.I rate literary awards very highly,as many of their nominees and winners turn out to be little gems!

    7.Although I read great and well-known classics mostly,I like reading once in a while lesser known books that I find in a myriad of ways.The latest such books added to my wish-list are ‘Don’t Go Back to School’ by Kio Stark and ‘The Classic Fairy Tales’ by Maria Tatar.

    1. Definitely read Maupassant! I am not actually sure what I like about his books but I do like them…
      Thank you for sharing 7 so interesting facts :) Congrats on getting to study Financial Mathematics! Your bookcase sounds fascinating! I need more bookcases…I need my own personal library but I don’t know where to fit the books haha. You are right about gems :p
      I think the lesser known books are great in a way that that they are “yours” as probably they are not as read as the classics. I do love classics though haha :)

  2. Thanks Anastasia for the award! :)

    By the way, I haven’t started with Sinuhe yet but instead I’ve been reading plenty of Stephen King this summer.. ;)

    1. :) Looking forward to read your 7 facts and whom you nominate!
      Haha, luckily summer isn’t over yet :p Stephen King is the best horror writer ever! As you like him, I would recommend also to have a look at his son,Joe Hill’s books. Like 20th Century Ghosts or Heart-Shaped Box :)

  3. Hi Sweetie, Happy 4th on the 5th, I had to work so I fell asleep. I am well rested but doing college at age 47 so I am so busy. I love your blog and then some. Reading is so much fun. I love your header and background too. Thanks for connecting with me and the award, I hope to get it up today, your friend, Jackie

    1. Thank you, Jackie! I agree that reading is so much fun, I can’t understand people who don’t read, they miss a lot in life. That’s admirable that you do college, all the best with that :)

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