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“She nods. You’re good for the ones you love. You WANT to be good for the ones you love, because you know that your time with them will end up being too short, no matter how long it is.”
― Stephen King, Lisey’s Story

I am huge Stephen King fan! Whenever I pick his book it’s something very good and very special. When I started reading King (…12 years old) I never got what was the big deal about  him. Another main-stream author. After  two years, after reading massive amount of his books,  I got however that he’s the best just because no one writes like horror like he does. Often when author writes much, books start repeating themselves, King’s every book is different and has new elements.

“And she sees that the moonlight is losing its orange glow. It has become buttery, and will soon turn to silver.”
― Stephen King, Lisey’s Story

Some years have passed since I first read this (need to reread).  Lisey’s Story is a love story with creepy King undertone. The book is about Lisey Landon, a widow of best-selling author Scott Landon. Main character/Powerful character (?) Scott Landon has been dead  for two years and Lisey decides to finally clean his office. Lisey’s Story consists mostly of flashbacks and Lisey figuring out her husband’s manuscript.

“Ninety-eight percent of what goes on in people’s heads is none of their smucking business.”
― Stephen King, Lisey’s Story

I like how it was love story, I kind of never expected for King to write this. I also liked that you couldn’t fully guess what it was (not to spoil the book too much) was it psychological or supernatural or both until the very end.  I’d give this book 8/10. I loved the covers. Like seriously, these are perfect ones for this book. And when I unwrapped the book it was even better.

Finnish covers of Lisey’s Story

How-To Read Lisey’s Story

1. If you have never read Stephen King before, I don’t think you should start with this book. You won’t get it and you won’t get the thrill. I think you’ll think it’s odd book. You only get it after you’ve read many other books of Stephen King, maybe you even have to be hardcore Stephen King fan to like this. (Who doesn’t like the king of horror?)
2. If you are a big fan: it’s not as good as The Shining, IT, Pet Cemetary but it certainly beautiful and  I think it’s also more personal for the author. I mean one of the characters is also author. Nothing like Misery, in case you wonder.
3. Read in English of possible, I think translations never catch up with all the word play too well. Secret language: Boo’ya Moon, babyluv,  smucking,  the bad-gunky, rah-cheer, strap it on, SOWISA,  bool. It’s not too long book, about 500 pages.
3. “Smucking”… …
4. I’ve never lost my good night’s sleep over anything I have read. Lisey’s Story isn’t exactly scary either (I was more “scared” reading Duma Key), it’s just a bit creepy.  Creepy, not freaky .And a bit sad because Lisey is widow and love was lost.
5. All the flashbacks (that last for 60 pages) and time jumps might annoy you.
6. There’s this song…The Supremes Baby Love… It kind of suits this book? Don’t you think?

“Bool! The end.”
― Stephen King, Lisey’s Story

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  1. Great post as usual! :DD What book would you recommend then to start with if you want to start reading Stephen King? I think I read The Shining but long time ago. You should borrow this to me at some point!

    1. Thank you! :) The Shining is good and now King wrote follow-up for it. Maybe IT, Duma Key to start with. My first of his was Hearts in Atlantis so that too. And I really liked Talisman <3 And I definitely will, once I get it back haha

  2. I have a really hard time reading Stephen King!!
    When I was about 13-14,I picked Misery but couldn’t finish it,and this was to occur again when I tried to read Duma Key!
    The writing was heavy and depressing,and the main characters are very difficult to relate with – in the books aforementioned,both characters happen to be invalids who have a sombre perspective on life!

    Is there a Stephen King book you would suggest to me? – that’ll be to my liking?
    And yep,the cover of that book is terrific! Beautiful pics as always! ;)

    1. As you didn’t like Duma Key, I would maybe even unrecommend Stephen King for you :D I think all his writing is pretty heavy and one of the characters always has that dark past and if not, they will have one pretty soon. It’s also not similar kind of reading experience than with classics. Classics are usually deeper and you think more about the sentences and the plot..
      (In case, you could still try The Shining, or Stephen King’s son Joe Hill also writes really good horror (20th Century Ghosts)).

      And thank you! :D

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