“White Fang knew the law well: to oppress the weak and obey the strong.”
― Jack London, White Fang

I only first read this book on day before yesterday. For many years, I have wanted to read this classic and I have wondered what kind of novel this is. Somehow I imagined that it would be a book about a friendship between man and a wolf. White Fang by Jack London was not even close to what I had expected it to be.  Still when I read the foreword by Jim Murphy, in which he wrote that friendship and love are as hard to find as Klondike gold, I believed it. However, the book wasn’t concentrated on love or friendship. It was a tale of a journey of half-wolf, half-dog named White Fang.

“The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept.”
― Jack London, White Fang

I believe White Fang is more wolf than dog though. He thinks and acts like a wolf. I love wolves in literature and I believe if you are a big animal lover, sometimes you might have a hard time reading this timeless masterpiece.  I’d give this book 4/5. I will be changing my rating system smaller scale as I believe no book could be less than 5/10.

“They were firemakers! They were gods!”
― Jack London, White Fang

How-To Read White Fang
You can find it for free on Project Gutenberg.
2. You’ll love how London descriptions, opening scene of the book is also hooking.
3. Most of the book centers thought stream of White Fang (who is not human). It’s not a character book and there are no characters to like. If you don’t like thought streams or descriptive books, this is not for you. I thought of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell when I read this, the two books have many similarities.
4. The language is very  descriptive and philosophical. It was beautiful and I really enjoyed reading it. You could imagine animal thinking like this. I wouldn’t perhaps recommend this book to all ages, only from teens up.
5. This novel is quite realistic. Similar scenario could easily take place. Being so realistic, it’s also unfair and a bit depressing.
6. If you want to learn more about differences between dogs and wolves, I think White Fang presents some great examples. Finally, this is very excellent winter read.

Have you read other books by Jack London if not this one? Do you like wolves in fiction? In what books? Do you have a favorite animal/mythological creature in fiction/nonfiction?

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