Top Ten Tuesday!! Yaaaay! I didn’t miss it! HA!
As always, this meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is Ten Book Related Problems I Have.

b4597-toptentuesday1. Adopting books
This is my biggest problem. Especially in second-hand stores the books look at me..and what if no one will buy them and they’ll be thrown away? o.O I am defenseless!

2. Cover changes
It’s pretty covers, then they change it to ugly covers in the middle of the series… Or they just publish some parts. Sometimes I send angry emails to publishers because of this…

3. Space…too less of it
First my books were horizontally in my book shelf, now they are also vertically on top of the book shelf and I can’t fit my new books anywhere!

4. When character I like gets killed
Traumatizing, highly traumatizing!

5. They stop translating the books in the middle of series!
This also means they don’t publish them! I live in Finland and this has happened a couple of times. Especially when you have bought the series and last books are in English not Finnish…Of course, thanks to this, I started to read more books in English. Safer. Much safer.

6. TBR
My list is endless. And it’s too big. It’s impossible…I want to read so many good books.

7. Libraries
Amount of the books I borrow…makes me arms hurt when I carry them home. I pretend the library books are mine…and then never return them on time and it costs me quite much. I spend sometimes way too much time in library/ies.

8. Window shopping
When I don’t have money and when I have too much time (lies) Or real shopping…when I have extra money (lies).

9. TIME!
Time to read, time to review the books I love or hate or review them at all, tbr, reading too less, time to go through all the books I’ve read on Goodreads, time to blog about books, time to find new books, time to buy books, time to dream about books, time to find the edition of the book I like…BIG PROBLEM.

10. Don’t you ever interrupt while I’m reading a book
I can be a bit mean or grumpy.

Did you participate? What are your book related problems? :D