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    Moon+ Reader – Arguably best reading app ever


As the technology grips on to our lives in a rapid speed, the person who’s sticking to a clam-shell or a Nokia 3310 is slowly looking away. Well as there are a lot of pros and cons that comes with tech, it has clearly made our lives way easier. As a book enthusiast I find myself more and more grabbing my eBook reader or the tablet to get some reading done. As android being the platform of choice for most folks I thought of looking around for the best e-book reading app, rich in features and gives the reader the best experience. After digging around, my eye caught an app that pretty much stood out by its own. “Moon+ Reader “, as there are two versions available on the play store, for this article I’ll be looking at the paid version which goes on sale for $4,99 (€5,43, here in Finland). Is it worth the buck? Let’s check that out.


Moon+ reader delivers a simple and clean interface for the user, sticking to the Google’s material design scheme. While all your main settings and what not are tucked away in the hamburger menu to the left which is easy accessible with a simple swipe from the left thumb. One interesting feature worth noting is the night mode which apply a pretty dark paint job over the bright app for the late night reader (well I preferred to use on default cause it just made everything look lot better)


The home page of the reader shows the recent list with detailed descriptions and a progress bar. Down that the right bottom, you’re greeted with a floating button, which gives you the convenience of getting right back to the page that you last read.

From the get go when you open a book a customization page pops up to orientate the settings of the reader’s view. I liked the fact they managed to cramp in so much options in to a small app to give the reader the ultimate reading experience. As you keep Reading through the book , with a tap  you move on to the next chapter and a swipe will do the page turning as you assigned to your liking.
The main menu to the left also serves a range of online free eBook providers under Net library while all your local files are located on my files. The app support a wide range of file formats and the PDF file format. While I scrolled through pages I found it to be smooth as butter and with feature rich user interface look no further to turn your tablet or your phone to the perfect on the go e reader.

                                                                        4.8/5 Stars 



1.  Keep an eye on the updates through play store get the advantage of , ever changing updates with additional new features.
2. Switch in to the night mode through the menu to a give a sleek looking dark theme.
3. Through the net library option , open the door to a huge selection of free eBooks
4. Turning your device to the landscape mode will bring up two pages
5.Tap on the clock on the left bottom corner while in the reading mode will bring up book info, add to favorites , direct links to such popular sites such as Goodreads and the option to share.
6. Menu button on books within the recent list opens up the ability to download book covers.


Link to the paid version

Link to the free version

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