6 thoughts on “2016 In Books & 2017 Reading Goals

  1. comentaristadetudoblog says:

    Congratulations, Anastasia!

    You read a lot of books that are on my waitlist. But it keep growing and I can read 30 full books an year (I begin a lot more than this, but I leave them when they are boring or appears something that I am more interested at that moment)

    How many hours you read per day?

    Have a nice 2017 of reading!


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    • Anastasia says:

      Thank you Eduardo!

      I think life is too short for boring books. And in gemeral should do what one loves to do. Whatever that is :) I think maybe between 2-2,5 hours a day. When I commute to work and before I go to sleep.

      You too! 📚


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