“Madness, and then illumination.”
― Orson Scott Card, Xenocide

Number seven…this is where you might want to ask if will I ever write reviews again or am I just focusing on these Sunday posts… Anyhow, I finished 5 books this week. Finally done with Ender’s Saga. Finished Xenocide and Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card. I first read Ender’s Game in December 2016 and I’ve been slowly reading through rest of the series, until I got really stuck with Xenocide… I’ve probably been reading it since January. I’d give Xenocide 2,5/5 stars  because it was just too long and wordy which is annoying  when the first book was so good.  There’s just too much of Piggies. And Children of the Mind 4/5 stars. Even if the final book was just as wordy as Xenocide, it had some good plot twists and I think I rated it higher because it’s the end. No more Ender.

I got back to Barsoom series and finished The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. John Carter’s story doesn’t let you down. I love this series, it reads quickly and it has all the elements of science fiction you want a scifi book to have. 4/5 stars.

Then I read milk and honey by rupi kaur. The book is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. It is about the experience of violence, abuse, love and loss. I don’t know if calling milk and honey a book does it justice. It felt like an art experience with drawings and writing that had no capital letters. And the words kaur wrote were something I had for long wanted for someone to write.  Lovely piece of art. 5/5 stars.

in love
with your solitude”
― Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

Finally, during this week I read The Art of Invisibility: The World’s Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data by Kevin D. Mitnick. The Art of Invisibility was a highly informative book and I’m still processing the information in it. Basically, it made me feel like anyone could obtain all my information very easily based on the points made in the book. 4/5 stars.

Outside reading, I visited  Worldcon75 and HugoAwards’17. Click on those words to see the picture gallery posts. I really enjoyed the event. I hope Worldcon will one day come back to Helsinki. Perhaps Worldcon80 or 85 could be in Helsinki?  Please. Pretty please?

How was your week? What you have you read?  What cons have you been to? Which ones would you recommend?

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