2017 in Books

2017 was crazy and magical. I was in Night Court with High Fae, I tried to rule Amber, I was in Underland with giant rats, beetles and bats, I founds answers in Weep and met Lazlo Strange, I participated in international Warcross Championships, I did quite a lot of travelling: I was on Mars, Erilea & Moon…also I sneaked into Ministry of Magic. I met a Lightning Girl who bore the weight of Silent Stone, I watched Endgame reach its final phase and I was obsessed with a beautiful stranger, an art student of a name Miranda.

Moreover, I imagined that Shakespeare had a sister: a sister equal to Shakespeare in talent and equal in genius, I had a nightmare and I became a vegetarian and then I think I sort of lost my mind and then there were hungry demons and howling werewolves.

I made some new friends. Death…  Desire, Despair, Delirium, Destruction and Destiny and a girl with a mysterious psychic link with a monster. Those were interesting encounters not to forget about infamous inhabitants of folklore were forced into exile.

I learned about different kind of Hunger, of how Marilyn Monroe called every man in her life “daddy” and then I was also Thinking Without Thinking. I met Thousand Naked Strangers and realized that truth can be so much worse than you could imagine and how there always are forgotten heroes.



In 2017, I read 60,224 pages across 200 books. A lot. You can check my adventures here: https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2017/21610643 This year I intend to read 300 books… it will be an adventure of kind I haven’t had in a long time :)

What were your best reads in 2017? What were your favorite places? Did you make any new friends?

Wishing you prosperous and bookish year 2018!

10 thoughts on “2017 in Books

  1. I was just about to post a long reply, then I remembered I wrote a post for this exact reason haha. Check out my 2017 here: https://anotherbook.blog/2017/12/20/a-to-z-what-i-read-in-2017/

    I love the concept behind this post, by the way. I always say that I’ve been made by the books I’ve read more than anything else, and your post shows why. If you put enough time and care into them, books let you travel, meet new people, have new experiences, learn, grow, and get challenged. Seems like you had a great year. Busy! And even busier this year :)

    Excited to see what you have in store for us in 2018!

  2. Nice post! And 200 books- wow . :) Those sound like pretty good adventures- I remember visiting Amber seems like eons ago, maybe a return visit is in order? High Fae are always good, and the Warcross championships WERE rather awesome, weren’t they? And weresolves!!

    Here’s to more great adventures in 2018!

    1. Yeah me too! :)

      I’d love to say that reading is like breathing, eating or sleeping to me but it’s not quite true. I guess it’s not about the time, rather the history of time. Like as kid, my parents thought that libraries are same as babysitters so I often spent countless of hours there reading :)

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