Finnish Nightmares 2: an even more different kind of social guide to Finland

“This is Matti. If you didn’t know him already.
Matti is just a regular Finn. He does things the way a regular Finn would do: in silence and trying his best not to stand out or bother anyone.”
– Finnish Nightmares, Karoliina Korhonen.

Finnish Nightmares 2 – An Even More Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland by Karoliina Korhonen is a series of comic strips. It’s a continuation to Finnish Nightmares.  I was happy that there is a continuation to Finnish Nightmares because the first part was very entertaining and it perfectly described many funny thoughts we Finns have about things. Finnish Nightmares 2 continues to explore many nightmarish topics like summer, traveling, shopping,  about how nightmarish can it be to be Finnish… Seriously there was own chapter for that one.

I liked how the book started describing Finnish summer (I remember last year when it was snowing in May) and I liked reading strips that went on for a page or two because I felt like they explained the situation much better that one strip in many cases would. Traveling part was my favorite one. If you see people who don’t rush after their luggage after the flight even if they want to…that’s just us Finns.

I have a bit mixed feelings about this second part.. I don’t know whether it was the hype of the first book or what. Even if I liked ‘Summer’, I think it dived too deep into Finnishness. And I wonder if anyone else than a Finn would get these summery nightmare scenarios. Other than that, I really couldn’t relate to some of the strips, for example about wearing or not wearing the graduation cap on Vappu. Moreover, I see that there’s more potential for FN. Maybe it could expand to describe Finnish history, different cities, maybe there could be more characters…

All in all, I liked the book so
3/5 stars

How-To Read Finnish Nightmares 2
1. Read the first part before this one, it will make more sense. And buy these two together too.
2. It’s very light read, just under 100 pages.  If you have a Finn friend, this will help you to understand him /her.
3. Pre-Order the book (it will be out in June in English) like Finnish Nightmares on Facebook & read the blog to get your regular update on us Finns & about what makes us feel awkward.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher (Thank you!) in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. This looks really interesting, a someone interested in Finnish culture (Scandinavian in general) after reading a book about a Finnish woman who came to America to live and was shocked at some of the differences. So this looks fun… and I’ve heard that Finnish are very quiet? I know that’s a generalization, but is that considered a thing in Finland?

    I’ll have to check out the blog too. Fun!

  2. It’s funny, lighter comic on Finnish culture. I also recommend 101 Very Finnish Problems by Joel Williams:
    Haha well yes… it’s partly a stereotype but compared to Americans or British, we don’t talk nearly as much. And I have had many foreign friends coming to Finland thinking they are introverts and here they become the most sociable people ever. Says a lot haha :D

  3. Edit: That would be Joel Willans, an entertaining writer and Twitterer.

    I suppose that a relative in the U.S.A., of Finnish ancestry, might not have a deep enough connection to appreciate the “Nightmares.” Would you guess that to be true?

    1. Exactly him! Thank you for the correction! :)
      Haha well I think first part of Finnish Nightmares is just perfect for anyone who knows even a little bit of Finland :)

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