The Sunday Post 16: Breaking Night

Hey peeps, how was your week?

Mine was good, I finished two books: 21 Lessons for the 21 Century by Yuval Noah Harari and Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Review of the first book is up and the second one is hopefully coming out soon.

I’ve also been listening to Breaking Night on Audible. It’s inspiring and heartbreaking biography about a young woman who at age fifteen was living on the streets, and who eventually made it into Harvard. Breaking Night is urban slang for staying up through the night, until the sun rises

The book saddens me because kids shouldn’t suffer. The innocence of handful of years should be protected at whatever cost.

Other than that, I haven’t been up to much. I think I’m feeling a bit melancholic… Sometimes I’m out with friends having a good time and I go back sone years and think oh this is what it should’ve felt like. It’s as if before I didn’t live the happy moments as deeply as now and also it’s like oh this is what people do. Anyway… September is here. How did it creep up on us so slowly … And ah we finally get Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks 😍

I’ve been writing sad poems on Wattpad if you want to follow me.

Finished watching La Casa de Papel on Netflix. So good… recommend me something new? Also watched Destination Wedding, very cute in a way.

What have you done? Read? Bought? Watched?


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  1. Hope you enjoyed Illuminae! I had fun with it but I liked Gemina even more!

    Have a great weekend. I’ve been watching Wentworth and Deadwind and just started Iron Fist. Clearly I should be spending some of that time reading…:)

    Yay for pumpkin spice latte! My favorite time of the year lol.

    1. Illuminae was really good! 😊 Have to start Gemina soon.

      Ah Iron Fist…not sure how to feel about it because I don’t like the actor. I guess I’ll watch it though

      Pumpkin spice latte is heaven 😊

      1. I’m not a fan of the actor either, although they say that S2 is better than the first one. I hope so. :) I do like Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, and Joy Meachum’s not bad. It’s just too bad they don’t have someone else playing Iron Fist lol

  2. I’ve had breaking night on my reading list for awhile, I’m very intrigued by it. I can’t wait to read your full review on it!

    And I hope the melancholy lightens for you soon. Sometimes it’s good for a little reflection but too much is certainly difficult. Sending you happy thoughts!

    1. Breaking Night is really good so far and I love when authors read it themselves on Audible. Brings something unique to it.

      Aww, thank you for the happy thoughts! Yeah it’ll pass… I guess I get stuck in my head too much sometimes.

  3. Confession time: I’ve never had a pumpkin spiced latte. I do like seeing them crop up in the coffee shops though. Those and gingerbread lattes are symbols of my favourite time of year. :)

    I’ve had such a quiet week but seeing as the weather has turned and Autumn has landed I decided to dive back into the Urban Fantasy series I’ve had on hold since the summer (Chicagoland vampires) and I’m really enjoying the return to this world.

    Have a great week!

    1. Oh Nicci you’re missing out haha! Go to Starbucks and treat yourself to one! I like gingerbread latte too but not as much.

      Autumn seems like a great time of the year for some urban fantasy! Hope you enjoy! Hmm Chicago. I’m reading Low Chicago by George R R Martin… It’s kind of good. Kind of gameofthronsy

      You too!

  4. Illuminae is a book I very much want to read so I hope you enjoyed it… It’s a sad time of year, I think as the temperatures fall away, the trees shed their leaves and plants die down. I dread the winter:(. I hope the coming week is a better one for you!

    1. It was very good yes! Proper kind of science fiction. Indeed. Although I love winter somehow… It’s my favorite season. Everything is still and sleeping and quiet

      Hope you have a good week as well!

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