24 Weed Reads: Your Guide to the Cannabis Library

From cookbooks and horticulture to historical and cultural reads, these books have been and continue to be monumental in challenging politics, scientific research, cultural norms and reshaping the way we think about cannabis as a society. While many of these books have been a driving force in the legalization movement…

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Thoughts on the graph? On Marijuana?

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  1. There is much evidence that cannabis can help people with MS. As someone with friends with this condition, I would like the medical rules to be sorted out once and for all. I’m all in favour of controlled use but on balance am against making it freely available. Like all addictive drugs, scientific studies show it does more harm than good. I have never understood why people wnat to get ” high” anyway. If that makes me out of step with liberal thinking, so be it.

    1. I do agree with you. For example, I drink but I think it’s in many ways even worse than weed probably. Many people drink to get drunk and that is wrong.

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